In 2020, I continued my focus on books written by women of colour. I greatly enjoyed almost every book I consumed, though I admit some were perhaps more of a whirlwind of fantastical concepts that sometimes went over my head. A great resource for me has been lists online, here is one such list:

In 2021, I am not sure what reading direction to commit to, but one theme is grabbing my attention which is asian women’s voices. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Malay etc. …

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Consciously Consuming POC-written Content

In 2018 my theme for reading was utopia, e.g. StarHawk. During that year, I read adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy. In this work of nonfiction, among many poignant points, she repeatedly highlights Octavia Butler’s works, whom she describes as “the no nonsense prophet who uses science fiction to deliver her visions”. Adrienne speaks about the way that colonisation is not just about the direct violence inflicted upon marginalized communities, and it’s not limited to economic oppression or even overt rascism — instead she describes how colonisation determines who gets to dream and have their dreams realised. She poses the idea…

In 2013 I became involved in one of my many communities, a special one called Enspiral. Formed around the mission: Turn a trickle of energy for working on the world’s problems into a river and get more people working on stuff that matters. Enspiral has become a popular reference point for many because we so desperately need more people devoting their working lives to solving global & local problems together.

The Stampin’ Place

Enspiral has sparked dozens of ventures and hundreds of initiatives, and throughout the last 10 years it has become a strong community for folks to hold each other up in…

“Te kai a te rangatira, he kōrero”

“Conversation is the food of chiefs”

- Māori Proverb.

Powerful conversations are where new worlds begin.

Groups of people sitting around tables in cafes, living rooms, conferences and meetups are the start of new relationships. Each new connection births new initiatives or ideas. In a world where we need to question everything: the validity of the news, the motivations of our leaders, the trustworthiness of our banks, the health of our food, the stories in our head about how things should work — conversations conducted well are an important frontier to make sense of the chaos. In meeting rooms, where we get our daily work recognised and make progress together — these spaces are hosting conversations…

Conflict can be a positive friction associated with movement, growth and true collaboration, or a disaster. Conflict can be the size of an argument, a 6-step divorce mediation, or a civil war. Conflict can simmer, boil, explode or stew. Conflict can erode, expand or enable.

Despite the fact that I’ve been trained in fantastic conflict resolution techniques, and even though I’m a facilitator who knows how to bring groups through confusion and into clarity — conflict is still an endless learning edge.

Luckily, I have friends who know more than me. So, sitting around plates of tacos, small ponds of…

“I’ve found that our immediate surroundings are mirrors for the spiritual turmoil inside of us that we inherited from our forebears.”
- Shane Bernardo

Recently, my younger brother and I have been video-calling frequently. This comes and goes in waves — we live on opposite sides of the 🌊 Pacific Ocean. But when we need to talk we do, and it’s always enriching. We’ve been discussing his current world at university, and the lack of societal support structures for young adults to transition out of education into the rest of their lives. In this piece I paint a picture of how responsible I feel for playing a part in solving this, his thoughts about the system he’s part of, and I propose a life-skills…

“Neither the worker in the oil field nor the chemist nor the digger of graphite or clay nor any who mans or makes the ships or trains or trucks nor the one who runs the machine that does the knurling on my bit of metal nor the president of the company performs his singular task because he wants me. Each one wants me less, perhaps, than does a child in the first grade. Each of these millions sees that he can thus exchange his tiny know-how for the goods and services he needs or wants. I may or may not…

Looking southwest from Makara, Wellington NZ.

This is a response to “I will not be voting in this election”. This article made me feel sad and frustrated, as if young kiwis don’t see the big picture at all. So, if you know what the word neoliberalism means, you want politics to feel more relevant, but you feel exhausted by politics and the way it works right now, this is for you.

Young people in New Zealand have tough choices to make during elections at the moment. Parties put forward leaders of their choosing, and play the old game of billboards, press conferences and augment 20th century…

“Yes we need the whole organisation to become more collaborative, agile and innovative, but I want our executives to make the final decision on who gets budget to try things.”

I’ve consulted with a few different organisations in the past couple of years. Some government department teams, some small start-up sized teams, and some global organisations. Everywhere I go around the world, people want to learn about design thinking skills, collaboration & consensus building skills, non-hierarchical management, the ability to navigate and lead in complexity with authenticity. These are fantastic skills to build in this century. …

Wellington Generation Zero Strategy Making 2012

We live in a time where it’s necessary to think about ways to make a real difference. People all over the world are running courageous experiments aiming to contribute to a peaceful, just and regenerative world. But how many of them consider the work to be an experiment? How many of us are aware of what beliefs we’re testing?

In supporting dozens of organisations aiming to change the way their society, politics, economy functions, I’ve learnt that often the conversation about ‘Theory of Change’ (your theory for how change happens and your contribution to that) is mostly avoided. …

Chelsea Robinson

Authentic conversations. Powerful prototypes. Co-designing systems change. Accelerating new systems through deepening innovator communities.

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